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Leonidas ist eine eingetragene belgische Pralinenmarke, die 1913 von Leonidas Kestekides begründet wurde. Sie gehört dem Lebensmittelunternehmen Confiserie Leonidas. Die Marke verfügte 2019 über mehr als 1030 Verkaufsstellen in 32 Ländern (davon 450 Geschäfte in Belgien und Luxemburg und 290 in Frankreich), von denen die meisten Franchise-Unternehmen sind, aber auch etwa vierzig. Leonidas I (/ l i ˈ ɒ n ɪ d ə s,-d æ s /; Doric Λεωνίδας Α´, Leōnídas A'; Ionic and Attic Greek: Λεωνίδης Α´, Leōnídēs A' [leɔːnídɛːs]; son of the lion; died 19 September 480 BC) was a king of the Greek city-state of Sparta, and the 17th of the Agiad line, a dynasty which claimed descent from the mythological demigod Heracles and Cadmus Leonidas II., spartanischer König von 254 bis 235 v. Chr. Leonidas (Pädagoge), Lehrer Alexanders des Großen im 4. Jahrhundert v. Chr. Leonidas von Rhodos, Läufer bei den antiken Olympischen Spielen; Leonidas von Tarent, Dichter im 3. Jahrhundert v. Chr. Vorname Leonidas. Leonidas Donskis (1962-2016), litauischer Philosop

Leonidas Watch Factory. Schweizer Uhrenhersteller Die Firma Leonidas wird 1841 von Julien Bourquin in Saint-Imier gegründet. 1912 wird Leonidas von Constant Jeanneret-Droz, einem der drei Söhne des Excelsior Park-Gründers Jules-Frédéric Jeanneret, gekauft.Dies dürfte auch der Grund dafür gewesen sein, dass Leonidas ganz hervorragende Chronographen-Kaliber herstellte, denn Jeanneret-Droz. Leonidas ist ein Yo-kai vom Rang A mit dem Element Eis und gehört dem Stamm Tapfa an. Leonidös entwickelt sich in Yo-kai Watch 2 ab Level 28 in Leonidas. In der japanischen Version von Yo-kai Watch 2 entwickelt er sich bereits auf Level 26. In Yo-kai Watch 3 entwickelt er sich ab Level 35, i

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Leonidas was killed, but the Spartans retrieved his body and protected it until their final defeat. Herodotus says that Xerxes' orders were to have Leonidas' head cut off and put on a stake and his body crucified. This was considered sacrilegious. The tomb of Leonidas lies today in the northern part of the modern town of Sparta. Additionally, there is a modern monument at the site of the. The Leonidas-2 represented an effort made by the Greek vehicle manufacturer ELVO to produce an advanced armoured personnel carrier (APC) of its own. It is named after Leonidas, king of the ancient city-state of Sparta. The first version of the Leonidas was the Austrian Saurer 4K 4FA armoured personnel carrier built with minor modifications by the Greek company (then known as Steyr Hellas S.A. Info Image Gallery Leonidas (レオニダス, Reonidasu?) is a one-of-a-kind dragon-like Bakugan who was born in the Doom Dimension in the Bakugan Video Game. He can be any Attribute the player wants. 1 Appearance 2 Background 3 Video Game 4 Trivia He has three horns, two over his ears and one in the middle of his muzzle. He has three toes on each foot. He has three fingers on each hand. His. Strengthening Quest: Leonidas I: AP Cost Bond Points QP EXP Battlefield type 19 665 (35 per AP) 6,900 (363 per AP) 18,815 (990 per AP) Arrow 1 Enemies Battle 1/3 Roman Soldier Lvl 35 14,948 HP : Roman Soldier Lvl 35 14,948 HP : Roman Soldier Lvl 35 15,096 HP Battle 2/3 Roman Soldier Lvl 48 25,155 HP : Roman Soldier Lvl 48 25,155 HP : Roman Soldier Lvl 48 24,165 HP Battle 3/3 Roman Soldier Lvl.

Leonidas I ( / l i ɒ n ɪ d ə s, - d æ s /; Doric Λεωνίδας Α', Léonidas A '; Ionic und Attisches Griechisch: Λεωνίδης Α', Leonides A' [leɔːnídɛːs]; Sohn des Löwen; gestorben am 19.September 480 v. Chr.) war ein König des griechischen Stadtstaates Sparta und der 17. der Agiad-Linie, einer Dynastie, die von dem mythologischen Halbgott Herakles und Cadmus abstammte Leonidas (Spitzname Leo) ist ein männliches Bakugan aus dem Spiel Bakugan Battle Brawlers. Er ist außerdem das Partnerbakugan von dem spielbaren Charakter desselben Spieles und trat bisher nur in diesem auf. Sein Attribut kann man vor Spielbeginn selbst bestimmen. Leonidas ist am Anfang sehr misstrauisch, unfreundlich und äußerst aggressiv, da er niemanden über dem Weg traut. Mit der Zeit. Leonidas is the main protagonist from the video game Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia, he is a mysterious and ferocious dragon who is the reboot version of his original counterpart from Bakugan Battle Brawlers the video game. He is an Aurelus Bakugan who was awakened from hibernation during the Great Collision and chooses the human protagonist as his partner. He is Drago's close friend and he. Leonidas I (c. 530-480 B.C.) was a king of the city-state of Sparta from about 490 B.C. until his death at the Battle of Thermopylae against the Persian army in 480 B.C. Although Leonidas lost the battle, his death at Thermopylae was seen as a heroic sacrifice because he sent most of his army away when he realized that the Persians had outmaneuvered him. . Three hundred of his fellow Spartans.

This page was last edited on 25 October 2020, at 18:00. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors Leônidas da Silva ( portugiesische Aussprache: [leˈõnidɐz dɐ ˈsiwvɐ]; 6.September 1913 - 24. Januar 2004) war ein brasilianischer Fußballspieler und Kommentator, der als Stürmer spielte.Er gilt als einer der wichtigsten Akteure der ersten Hälfte des 20

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Lancer's True Name is Leonidas I, the King of Sparta, the country that became the etymology of Spartan discipline. Leonidas reigned as the king of Sparta, but he had a difficult time administrating the nation because Sparta became the land which produced muscle-brains. He was famous for the Battle of Thermopylae, where he and his 300 men confronted the invading 100,000 Persians. Powers and. Leonidas chocolates are made with Belgian chocolate, cocoa butter and no palm oil. [citation needed] Leonidas' principal chocolate is the Manon. It was Basilio, Leonidas' nephew, who introduced the Manon to the Leonidas range. At the time, the Manon, filled with a butter cream on a crunchy nougatine base, was dipped in melted sugar using a fork. In his quest to create a diverse range of.

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  1. This article's content is marked as Mature The page King Leonidas (300) contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some. Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page
  2. Leonidas ist ein Soldat und Wächter des Löwenstamms. Leonidas ist nicht dumm. Er kann sich eben nur nicht auf mehr als zwei Ideen gleichzeitig konzentrieren. Wenn ihm befohlen wird, den Tempeleingang zu bewachen, führt er diesen Auftrag gewissenhaft und ohne weiteres Nachfragen aus. Würde man ihm aber jetzt auch noch befehlen, gleichzeitig sein Schwert zu reinigen, würde ihn das völlig.
  3. Leonidas I (c. 530-480 B.C.) was a king of the city-state of Sparta from about 490 BC until his death in 480. The Spartans and associates defended the pass at Thermopylae against the Persian army Although Leonidas lost the battle, his death at Thermopylae was seen as a heroic sacrifice. Leonidas sent most of his army away when he realized that the Persians had outmaneuvered him

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  1. Leonidas I (/liːˈɒnɨdəs/ lee-ON-i-dəs or /liːˈɒn.ɨ.dæs/; Doric and Modern Greek: Λεωνίδας [leɔːnídas], Leōnidas; Ionic Greek: Λεωνίδης, Leōnidēs; son of the lion; died 480 BC),1 also known as Leonidas the Brave was a Greek hero-king of Sparta, the 17th of the Agiad line, third son of Anaxandridas II of Sparta,2 who was believed to be a descendant of Heracles.
  2. Leonidas (レオニダス), also known as the Behemoth (破壊獣(ベヒモス)), is a regimental commander of Zephyr. 1 Background 1.1 Trails ofCold Steel II 1.2 Trails ofCold Steel IIIandIV 2 Gameplay 2.1 Weapons 2.1.1 Trails ofCold Steel IV 2.2 Crafts 2.2.1 Trails ofCold Steel IV 2.3 Brave Order 2.3.1 Trails ofCold..
  3. Leonidas wurde Bischof von Athen als Nachfolger von Kodratos. Leonidas wurde in Athen auf einer damaligen Insel des Flusses Ilisos begraben, über dem Grab wurde im 5. Jahrhundert die damals ihm geweihte Ilisos-Basilika errichtet, deren Grundmauern erhalten sind
  4. Leonidas fertigt aber auch Instrumente, die im Automobil- und im Flugzeugbau zur Anwendung kommen. 1964 fusionieren die Firmen Leonidas Watch Factory und Ed. Heuer. Die Uhren werden noch eine Zeitlang unter der Bezeichnung HEUER-LEONIDAS verkauft. Nachdem Heuer zu TAG Heuer wurde, verschwand der Name Leonidas. Marken . A.J.C
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  1. Leonidas Gulaptis, Actor: Gala & Godfrey. Leonidas Gulaptis was born in Grafton, New South Wales, Australia. He is an actor and writer, known for Gala & Godfrey (2016), My Fiancée (2018) and Changing Tides
  2. Leonidas is the antagonist fromthe mobile game by Cygames and Nintendo,Dragalia Lost. The firstborn heir of King Aurelius, he is Euden's oldest brother and is the ruler of the City of Flame known as Valkaheim located in the North of Grastaea. Stylizing himself as The Ruler of the World, Leonidas is a condescending and darwinistic prince who pledgedallegiance with Morsayatiwho possessed.
  3. Leonidas's general color scheme is set in various color tones based on its owner's customized attribute. Large claws on its three-fingered hands and two-toed feet make even Leonidas's body a valuable weapon. Video Game . In the final battle with Marduk, Vladitor had evolved to become Battle Ax Vladitor. To counter his foe, Leonidas evolved into Omega Leonidas via the energy of other Battle.

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Leonidas Arkona, Professioneller Powerlifter. Trainer. Hi, ich bin Leon. Das erste mal hab ich ein Fitnessstudio mit 16 Jahren besucht. Wie in den meisten Fällen, hat mich ein guter Freund mitgenommen, mit den Worten wird Zeit Muskeln aufzubauen. Zu dem Zeitpunkt habe ich knapp 70 Kilo auf die Waage gebracht. Anfangs habe ich mich nicht einmal getraut den Freihantelbereich zu nutzen. Leonidas was a Bakugan born out of the wrath of the deceased Bakugan within the Doom Dimension. He travels to the Earth in the Bakugan world and befriends the protagonist of the game, becoming his Guardian Bakugan. He later aids the protagonist in battling Marduk and Vladitor, the main antagonists after evolving into Omega Leonidas. Tier: 2-C | At least 2-C Name: Leonidas, Leo (by protagonist.

Leonidas Lewicki war Angehöriger einer über viele Generationen als Ingenieure und Wissenschaftler wirkenden Familie. Sein Vater war der aus Galizien stammende Eisenbahningenieur Antoni Lewicki (1815-1882), der unter anderem maßgeblich an dem Bau der Bahnstrecken Wiener Neustadt-Ödenburg, Innsbruck-Kufstein und der Strecke über den Semmering beteiligt war Leonidas (Grieks: ☃☃; zoon Lion's, Lion-achtige ') was Een koning van Sparta, de 17de van de Agiad lijn, Een van de zonen van Koning Anaxandridas II van Sparta van Sparta van Sparta van Sparta, sterven in de mythologie Werd verondersteld OM Een afstammeling te zijn van Heracles, het Bezit van Een groot deel van kracht en moed van deze laatste. Hoewel is vastgesteld DAT koning Leonidas.

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Master Chief vs Leonidas is the seventeenth installment ofEpic Rap Battles of Historyand the second episode ofSeason 2. It features the main protagonist of the Halo franchise, Master Chief,rapping against the famous Spartan warrior king, Leonidas. It was released on January 31st, 2012. 1 Cast.. Being Leonidas' fiancee, Josette tends to flirt with him, and acts like a teenage girl around him. Josette only listens to Leonidas, and deeply cares for him, even tending to him when ever he is upset or feeling guilty. Leonidas returns these affections by caring for Josette in return, and will do almost anything to protect her and keep her for himself. This is especially when Josette goes. Leonidas at Thermopylae, by Jacques-Louis David (1814) ἀγαθὸν γαμεῖν καὶ ἀγαθὰ τίκτειν Marry a good man, and bear good children. In response to his wife's question of what she should do if he died in battle, as he left for Thermopylae; as quoted in the Sayings of the Spartan Women in the Moralia; Variant translation: Marry a good man, and have good children. Leonidas, (died 480 bc, Thermopylae, Locris [Greece]), Spartan king whose stand against the invading Persian army at the pass of Thermopylae in central Greece is one of the enduring tales of Greek heroism, invoked throughout Western history as the epitome of bravery exhibited against overwhelming odds. A member of the Agiad house, Leonidas succeeded his half brother, Cleomenes I, as king.

Leonidas (aa Leonidas I., griachisch Λεωνίδας, da Lewengleiche) ausm Gschlecht vo de Agiaden wor vo 490 v. Kr. bis 480 v. Kr. Kini vo Sparta. Schlocht ba de Thermopylen. Historische Bedeitung hod da Leonidas ois Fejdherr vom Hellenenbund ba da. Leonidas war ein Sohn Anaxandridas' II. und seiner ersten Frau. Sein jüngerer Bruder Kleombrotos wird von manchen Autoren auch als sein Zwillingsbruder bezeichnet. Da sein Halbbruder Kleomenes I. ohne männliche Nachkommen verstarb und Leonidas älterer Bruder Dorieus auch schon gestorben war, fiel die Herrschaft an ihn. Er heiratete Kleomenes' Tochter Gorgo und hatte mit ihr einen Sohn. Category:Leonidas (chocolatier) From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Leonidas Belgian chocolate company. Upload media Wikipedia: Instance of: chocolaterie: Location: Belgium: Headquarters location: Anderlecht (50°50′42″N 4°19′8″E) Founded by: Leonidas Kestekides; Inception: 28 December 1970; official website: Authority control Q80335.

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  1. Leonidas, auch Major der Qualen genannt, ist ein ranghohes Mitglied der Großen Imperialen Ragnarök-Flotte. Er ist der Nutzer der Schimmel-Frucht. Leonidas wirkt mit seinem großen pummeligen Körper und seinem breiten Lächeln, dass er stets trägt, beinahe sympathisch, doch dies trügt über seinen durch und durch sadistischen Charakter hinweg. Er weidet sich daran, wenn die Menschen an.
  2. Leonidas battle armor was a product of Etna Foundries and was intended to plug a capability gap in the armed forces of the Duchy of Oriente, a gap created by scarcity of the older Achileus stealth suit. The Leonidas suit is highly configurable, capable of being reconfigured for various battlefield missions including providing positional information, calling in artillery strikes, waging.
  3. Leonidas, pahila jahaaj rahaa jisme girmitya logan ke India se Fiji lawa gais rahaa. Iske naam Sparta ke raja se aais hae. Suruu me ii jahaaj West Indies me girmitya logan ke lae jaae ke khatir kaam me laawa jaawat rahaa. 1878 me ii 580 girmitya logan ke St Lucia lae gais rahaa. Fiji ke yatra. Leonidas, 3 March 1879 ke Calcutta chorris aur 72 din baad, 15 May 1879, ke Levuka pahuchis. Jahaaj.
  4. Leonidas II (mortuus 235 a.C.n.) fuit rex Spartae e stirpe Agiadum inter 254 et 235 a.C.n., excepta magna parte annorum 242 et 241 a.C.n. cum regno expulsus Tegeam confugit. Areo II puero successit cuius curator erat et moriens regnum filio suo Cleomeni III tradidit. Collegae in regno fuerunt ex Eurypontidarum stirpe Eudamidas II usque ad 244 a.C.n., Agis IV, Eudamidas III ab anno 241 a.C.n.

D/D/D Rebel King Leonidas + French Pendulum Effect. Lorsque vous recevez des dommages d'effet (sauf durant la Damage Step) : vous pouvez détruire cette carte, et si vous le faites, les effets qui vont infliger des dommages à un joueur ce tour augmentent ses LP de ce montant à la place. + French database ID . 11,460 + French lore. Lorsque vous recevez des dommages d'effet (sauf durant la. Als der große Leonidas nun, ein williges Opfer, unter den Todten lag, sah ihn der Persermonarch: Eilig warf er auf ihn den Purpurmantel. Der Todte hub sich murrend und sprach: Fleuch und entehre mich nich Leonidas I(540 BC-11 August 480 BC) was King of Sparta from the Agid dynasty, right from 491 to 480 BC, succeeding Cleomenes I and preceding Pleistarchus. He had a notable participation in the Greco-Persian Wars, during which he and the famed 300 Spartans died while covering the retreat of the main Greek army at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC. Leonidas was born in Sparta in 540 BC, the.

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Die LEONIDAS Ultraschlachtschiff der GALAXIS-Klasse der Terraner.. Bekannte Besatzungsmitglieder. Oberst Dunja Wrangel, Kommandantin; Geschichte. Der Kugelraumer lag im Juli 3438, einen Monat nach Beginn der Abwehrschlachten gegen die Sammler im Solsystem, mit Maschinenschaden auf Titan fest. Die Beiboote wurden von Julian Tifflor in den Kämpfen gebraucht, weswegen nur die Minimalbesatzung. Leonidas was a former jaeger of the Zephyr Corps, until he and Xeno joined the Noble Alliance in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel trilogy. 1 Profile 1.1 Appearance 1.2 Personality 2 Character Profile 3 Notes/Trivia A muscle-built black man with dark-brown hair styled in curls, to even a ponytail, wears violet spec glasses over his brown color eyes. Wears a dark grey-violet coat. Leonidas (レオニダス Reonidasu) is the Prince of Hybride and a son of King Moldius of Hybride Kingdom. Unlike his father, Leonidas spends his time wooing with women and his lecherousness made him infamous to the point even his own people scorns him. Initially refuses to help Hybride to repel Magia's invasion, the news about Hiroto's success in foiling Magia's scheme reaches Regulus and he. Aussehen und Auftreten Zitate und Gedanken Leonidas Charakterdaten Alis: Leonidas Amt: Priester der Asche Beruf: Mönch Clan: Kappadozianer Erzeuger: Vartholoméos Freispruch: Bekannte Domäne: Bekannte Guhle: Aussehen Größe: 1,77 m Gewicht: 65 kg Haarfarbe: Schlohweiß Augenfarbe: Farbenmischung aus Grün, Blau und Grau Körperliches Alter: 22 Besonderheiten: Erscheinungsbild: 2 Charisma: 2. Leonidas is a B-Tier costume for the hunter Hell Ember, Leo Beck. It was available in Season 6 and can still be obtained from Memory Spheres - Previous Seasons. 1 Appearance 1.1 Physical 1.2 Costume 2 Trivia 3 Gallery When equipped, Leo's body is separated into mechanical components, resembling a puppet. His skin is purplish and shiny, with many scratches on his chest and arms. His fingers are.

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Kaan Leonidas Gülcan is a League of Legends esports player, previously substitute support for Galakticos. GalakticosJan 20172017-01-10Jan 20182018-01-0311yr 24dGalakticosJan 20172017-01-10Jan 20182018-01-0311yr 24dGALJanuary 10, Leonidas and VeneMa join as substitutes. This table shows up to.. Leonidas (c. 530-480 B.C.) was a king of the city-state of Sparta from about 490 B.C. until his death at the Battle of Thermopylae against the Persian army in 480 B.C. Although Leonidas lost the. Leonidas ist ein König der Spartaner, einer Stadt der Antiken Erde. Er befehligt ein winziges Heer gegen die Ameen von Persien in der Schlacht von Thermopylae im Jahre 480 v. Chr, in der er heldenhaft fällt. 2375 bietet Julian Bashir Ezri Dax an, Leonidas Fall in der Schlacht bei den Thermopylen in der Holosuite nachzuspielen, nachdem Miles O'Brien die Station verlassen hat. (DS9: Das, was. Leonidas (レオニダス Reonidasu) is a one-of-a-kind dragon-like Bakugan who was born in the Doom Dimension in the Galactic Seraphim Series. All Leonidas has 900 G-powers. The Haos and Darkus Leonidas was implied that they have evolved but seems not to be that obvious since they haven't received any new evolutions. Later he evolved to Omega Leonidas (オメガ レオニダス Omega.

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King Leonidas/Gallery - Disney Wiki. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Welcome to the Wiki. 45,739 Pages. Add new page. Films. Animated films. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; Sleeping Beauty ; The Little Mermaid; Aladdin; Beauty and the Beast; The Lion King. Leonidas. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Contents. 1 English. 1.1 Etymology; 1.2 Proper noun; 1.3 Anagrams; English Etymology . Ancient Greek Λεωνίδᾱς (Leōnídās, son of Leon / lion ). Proper noun . Leonidas (chiefly historical) A male given name from Ancient Greek. Anagrams . elodians, nodalise; Retrieved from https://en.

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Leonidas. From Halopedia, the Halo wiki. Leonidas Biographical information Began service: Sometime after Second Class of Spartan IVs' training on the Spartan-IV training station. Gender: Male Description: Disembodied Greek Spartan helmet with visible white eyes and teeth. Color(s): Translucent, tinted red. Political and military information Affiliation: Spartan Operations (formerly) Created. Enclave Squad Leonidas is a major faction in Fallout: New California, consisting of the surviving Enclave personnel operating in New California in 2260. 1 History 1.1 NCR-Enclave War 1.2 Infiltrating Vault 18 1.3 Operations in The Pass 1.4 Vault 18 Revolt 2 Interactions with the Player Character 3 Locations 4 Notable Members 5 Notes 6 References The original Squad Leonidas was one of the. Sorry to CUT you off there, but you gotta HAND it to me. I know how to make an entrance -Leon (after saving a kid by cutting of a criminal's hand) Leonidas Inferno is the Main Protagonist of Knights of Delgaia. He is a red Drayken and the son of the great Royal Knight Goliath Inferno. Because of his heritage, Leon believes it is his responsibility to hold up his father's title and become the. Leonidas Kanaris (griechisch Λεωνίδας Κανάρης; * 31. Oktober 1963 in Karditsa) ist ein griechischer Komponist, Musiker, Musiklehrer, Buchautor, künstlerischer Leiter, Kolumnist und Chorleiter. Er war Präsident der Griechischen Musikgesellschaft und auch Präsident des Internationalen Gitarren- und Kompositionsfestivals in Korfu. Seit 1983 ist er im Bereich Musik tätig. Leben. Leonidas Carstarphen Dyer (June 11, 1871 - December 15, 1957) was an American politician, reformer, civil rights activist, and military officer who served 11 terms in the U.S. Congress as a Republican Representative from Missouri from 1911 to 1933.In 1898, enrolling in the U.S. Army as a private, Dyer served notably in the Spanish-American War; and was promoted to colonel at the war's end

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2-Star Lancer fp Servant. B Buster NP (Gain Critical Stars.) QQABB. Atk: 1168-6583/HP: 1498-7959. Reverse S, Male, Lawful Balanced. ID 021. Voiced by Miki Shinichiro, Art by Shimaudon. The King of Sparta, the country where the term Spartan education originated. In order to stop the invasion of one hundred thousand Persians, he took only three hundred men in the famous Battle of Thermopylae. Doom Leonidas is the evolution of Tachyon Leonidas, and the current form of Leonidas. He is the main Guardian Bakugan of Nemesis. Doom Leonidas is the most powerful Bakugan, despite the fact that he might not look like it due to some part of his personality. His majestic-looking wings enable him to fly at high altitudes and to glide at high speeds. Leonidas is able to use the limitless energy. King Leonidas is the secondary antagonist of Disney's 1971 film Bedknobs and Broomsticks. He is an anthropomorphic lion who rules the uncharted island of Naboombu as it's king. He was voiced by the late Lennie Weinrib, who also played Secretary Bird in the same film. Contents. 1 Biography; 2 Personality; 3 Powers and Abilities; 4 Gallery; 5 Trivia; 6 Navigation; Biography. According to an old. Maxed Stats; Power Attack Defense Health; 752: 731 (355) 718 (349) 1,221 (593 Leonidas Bust is one of The Legendary War Artifacts, that can be stored and displayed at Museum. It is purchased fromsale. Leonidas I was king of Sparta from 490-480 BCE. He came from the Agiad line and shared his title with the Eurypontid Leotychidas under the city's unusual dual monarchy. As his father's thirdborn son, Leonidas was not expected to take the throne, but he became the heir.

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